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Sameng, the founder of SaengQ, is a German of Chinese descent and his ancestral home is in Pingyang, Zhejiang. As early as the 1970s, his family arrived in Ruhr, Germany, working as a Chinese laborer in Germany. In Pingyang, Zhejiang, horseshoe bamboo shoots are a traditional specialty. The dishes are refreshing and delicious, the bamboo shoots are crisp and tender, and the soup is delicious and not pungent. Travelers who are far away in a foreign country will always recall the taste of horseshoe bamboo shoots when they are at home. Or piggyback some while traveling. However, the fresh horseshoe bamboo shoots can't help being transported across the ocean, and the dried bamboo shoots are very afraid of tide. They often have mildew, insects or rancidity before they are sent to Germany, which makes the local taste in a foreign country. Become more precious. In the memory of Samuel's children, whenever his father received the horseshoe bamboo shoots from his hometown, he carefully held it in his hands and regarded it as a treasure. As he was young, he could not realize the meaning of horseshoe shoots to his father, so he asked his father curiously, what was in the box? Father said meaningfully that this is your hometown and the source of your growth. Father's treasure of horseshoe shoots was deeply imprinted in the mind of little Samuel, as he grew up. So how to keep the food longer, fresher and more perfect has become a problem for him to contemplate, trying all kinds of methods has failed. Finally, one day, the mother's method of storing rice cakes by soaking in cold water inspired Samuel's inspiration. Isolating the air can extend the life of the food. So he packed the dried bamboo shoots in a sealed bag and evacuated the air inside with a homemade vacuum pump. After four months, I was surprised to find that there was no change in the dried bamboo shoots in the vacuum bag. This story spread in the Chinese circle of Ruhr, everyone asked him to teach them the method. Therefore, Samuel established Qunhai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in order to allow people to better enjoy the taste of food, and founded the vacuum preservation machine brand named SaengQ, which officially opened the journey of the preservation business and let more people enjoy beyond imagination The technology keeps the experience fresh, allows love to stay, and spreads happiness farther, longer and better